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Nature Of Music - Profound Satisfaction (Martin Roth Remix)

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    → SUBSCRIBE TO TECHNOSTATION: bit.ly/SubscribeTechnoStationnBuy: www.beatport.com/release/profound-satisfaction/1394028nNature Of Music - Profound / Satisfaction, released 2014-10-13, Sudbeat Music, SB057nnMaziar and Kian are the dynamic duo behind Nature of Music, a dj/live act, and Equaria, an event agency.

    Known for their deep-atmospheric sound packed with drum machines and topped with acapellas, Nature of Music has turned quite a few heads in Toronto's electronic music scene.

    Starting from underground lofts and slowly making their way to nightclubs and bigger festivals, their success wasn't overnight.

    It was through years of individual hard work that Mazi and Kian finally decide to join forces and create Nature of Music.

    A project aimed to do more than just making people move.

    From Off Sonar parties in Barcelona to showcases in Berlin, festivals around Toronto to clubs in Montreal, Nature of Music has shared decks with Guy Gerber, Anja Schneider, Sasha, Pan Pot, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Rodriguez Jr.

    and more.

    Here we find the title track "Profound Satisfaction, with its warm and oozing qualities, as the deepness unfurls, meandering effortlessly as the melodies gel into the percussive soundscape, as we are narrated with the soft spoken vocal, all computing to an enchanted beaming outcome.

    Label favourite Martin Roth steps up on remix duties, and takes us deeper and techier, stripping things back, adding filters and creating an hypnotic workout for late night underground meccas.

    The sophistical soundscape bulges as the pads ooze and rasping synths add layers of depth, creating a complex chasm of might.

    Back to the original tracks from Nature Of Music we find Shomal taking centre stage, and its dreamy voyage subtly travels calmly, as acoustic sounds meet the clean drum patters, that channel the tracks energy, propelling its modest, yet fulfilling love.

    And closing this fine slab of goodness, we have Why.

    The outfits hallmark understated styles of spoken word, meeting fantasy scores continues, with another smile inducing hazy mind workout, with its timeless edges, this rounds off this release beautifully.nnFollow Sudbeat Music:nFacebook: www.facebook.com/sudbeatmusicnYouTube: bit.ly/SubscribeSudbeatnnFOLLOW US FOR MORE TECHNO: nWebsite: www.technostation.tv/nFacebook: www.facebook.com/TechnoStationTVnInstagram:https://instagram.com/technostationtv/nTwitter: twitter.com/TechnoStationTVnGoogle+: bit.ly/1bPzmnLnnThe home to all that is TECHNO!

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